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-- My hot chick wife Dori & her pets. Dogs, horses, you name it. --

Some photos of my wife Dori, but mainly her pets. We've got dogs, cats, horses, chickens, a bird... you name it. It's a zoo. Luckily the gorilla didn't stay at our place. The grocery bill would have killed us. Check out TUCKER, he's gargantuan! I must take some pics of the chicken coop! It's impressive. I still have to install their satelite dish. :-)

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-- Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands (I took some pics from a HUEY!!) --

An atoll 5103.4 miles (as the crow flys) away. It's an 11hr. flight in a jet, imagine how long it took in WWII! It forms the largest lagoon on the PLANET. Work took me there. Trip of a lifetime. Learned a lot on those islands. In twenty six years, this was the best client I've worked for. Of course living in paradise could play a role in that. I think further research is warranted. ;-) Doubt that I'll ever get to go.

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-- Grandchildren! --

Sadly, we just lost a grandson. Kolby at the age of 16yrs was KILLED when he was struck by a car on Tuesday Oct 11 2016. Believe it or not, the driver was an illegal alien from Mexico.

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The "MONGO" R/C Flying Wings

The legacy & lunacy that one model can turn into. Meaning we built the largest R/C flying wing... Then built a bigger one... Then built an even BIGGER one! Crazy is what it is. But fun as all get out!

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Miscellaneous cool or cute photos with some scenery.

Neat stuff and scenery that I think is either interesting or picturesque. Some animal shots too.

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BASHes in Los Banos `98-2000

Slope combat: The most fun you can have in modeling. We fly all types of planes but favor the bouncable type. It ain't the flyin. It's the people and these guys were the best! Sadly, the BASH died soon after I moved away in 2000. Now, ALL my planes have been lost in the fire. I'm going to have to start over from scratch. But, now that my disease has worsened. It's unlikely.

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Los Banos BASH March 2006

The BASH started up again March 19 (2006). It was a blast of the past that we'd really missed! Quotes from the day: "I've laughed so much that my cheeks hurt!" & "Hey Mrs. Swingle, will Mr. Swingle be flying today?" I didn't know what the future would hold but was hopeful. Now it seems that life is taking it's normal path. My handicap has made flying excessively difficult. Thus, not likely.

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Slope Flying Sites in Lassen County

Pictures from some of the flyable slopes around my area!

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16 Foot Span Mongo!

We built the biggest R/C flying wing ever.

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!!!!! FIRE !!!!

On Dec. 4, 2008 Our guest house burned to the ground. Along with my shop & office. Total loss! No cause could be found! Our insurance was limited to 49$ per square foot. Cheap for a whole building! CHECK YOUR POLICY. Also lost a Subaru and a Kawasaki. They weren't covered. But my neighbor Greg was my hero. He ran right INTO THE FIRE and saved my John Deere tractor!! At the same time, I tried to save my riding mower but couldn't. Don't know how Greg did it. I got burned and ruined a jacket. Greg is my HERO! It was so hot that it melted an aluminum engine block. It was that HOT. Did I mention that Greg ran INTO the fire! I got no words for that. WOW!

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New Building

From the ashes, the Phoenix has risen! Houston, the Eagle has landed! Pick your favorite saying, IT'S DONE BABY! It took time and hasn't been like the TV commercials. But what is? Once construction began, the whole building went up really fast and was cool to watch! The contractor was great. If you're looking for one, I'll gladly recommend him. He said what he'd do and did what he said. Impressive.

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Turkey Shoot #2 (in Laguna Nigel)

The NorCal BASHers decend on SoCal. This was in 1998. Pity the event didn't continue.

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Colin the fireman!!

Colin was a HOT SHOT! Now he's on an engine crew.

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Our YOUNGEST Son Nate.

Nate's now a former MARINE. NOT an ex-marine. ("ex" means deceased and he ain't.) Personally, I wish he'd stayed in. But oh well. I still love the corp. Oohrah! Semper Fi Fox company. Shoot straight boys.
I STILL get choked up whenever I think of the corp.

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Slimer Mongo

A Mongo junior slope soaring plane gets an icky, goopie glow engine. Yuk. It actually flys really well. A complete success. Except for that darn oily grease from the engine, gross. I think I'll sell it if anyone makes an offer (Can't believe I used to fly those slimers!). NOW GONE! LOST IN THE FIRE!!

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Sunset State Beach Trip

The BASHers spend a weekend at Sunset State Beach and fly themseves silly. Which is why there are so few pictures. We flew, flew, ate, flew and collapsed into our sleeping bags! Pity the planes don't have odometers.

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