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Roy and Senior.jpg
The First Mongo.-177 viewsThis was the first Mongo we made. Great plane. This plane was so impressive that a visiting englishman bought it on the slope, we didn't even know it was for sale. But he had the money.
Mongo Dragonette.jpg
Mongo #1 and a Dragonette-171 viewsThe 8 foot span Mongo Senior and a Dragonette. Comparison of the largest (almost) and smallest planes. Wish we'd had the 16 footer at this time, regardless it's still pretty silly. Both great fun.
12 foot span Mongo-152 viewsOur attempt at a 12 foot Mongo. This particular plane wasn't successful. It could have been with some investigation. (Mike can make anything fly) But we didn't feel it worth the time. Besides Mike and Roy had visions of a 16 footer on their minds and could think of little else.
Mike and Roy with the 12 foot Mongo-195 viewsHere are Mike and Roy holding the 12 foot Mongo. It wasn't successful. Could have been, but the 16 footer stole our attention. These guys like BIG.
Mongo Junior-197 viewsThe first 6 foot span Mongo, the Mongo Junior. This plane was a revelation. The first flight was from just a 20' length of rubber on FLAT ground. It leaped upward and instantly caught a thermal. I performed 3 consecutive loops at only 50' AGL and lost little altitude! Crisp, clean and fun! Excellent. A genuine revelation! This is the best of all the different Mongos we made; Beautifull!
Trilogy Wing Steve Henke.jpg
Steve Henke Supplied Modified Mongo.-237 viewsNew Mongo design by Mr. Tom Banks. Picture provided by Steve Henke.
Roy with the Mongo12-157 viewsRoy illustrating the Mongo12's wing span.
Del Valle 8-04.jpg
Two Mongo Jr's flying Ballet at the rarely flown Del Valle peak (looking W).-182 views
Mongos Family2.jpg
The entire family of Mongos that we've built. Each was a success! But one was tempermental.-171 views
My FIRST replacement plane AND transmitter!!-126 viewsBASHer Mike gave me a new Mongo Junior!
And, BASHer Randy "Fatlion" gave me new transmitter! Can you believe that? I not only have NEW Tx but it came from THE "Fatlion" himself. I'm humbled.
I'm stunned by their kindness! You guys are great!
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