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Banos Aug 06.JPG
August 06 after sundown-99 views
Banos Boys 8-06.JPG
Banos 8-06-110 viewsAugust 06 BASH
BASH June 2004. A gorgeous TG-3 mixes it up with a combat wing. Lots of pixels here, zoom in.-158 views
BASH 5-04 Cub.jpg
BASH May 2004, A VERY lonely Cub prowls the top of the slope hoping in vain for a wingman. :-(-142 viewsBreaks my heart.
BASH of February 2000.-178 viewsAnother great BASH in Feb. of 2000. Collage assembled by the beloved Randy "Fatlion" Carr!
BASHers ~Feb 2000.jpg
BASH of ~2/2000. Charlie is 2sec. away from licking Tim's ear. He's like that. Keeps things lively.-173 viewsI don't even remember who's plane I was flying when this was taken! We pass planes around all the time.

Thanks Dave Reese for the photo.
Charlie Eating.jpg
Charlie eating burrito from Mike.-141 viewsCharlie chows down on lunch provided by Mike and Katie.
8-06 Banos Twilight.JPG
Doug "Hollywood" Hetzler is BACK, here he is at twilight in Aug/06-146 viewsReminds me of one of my favorite lines from the movie California Combat. It goes something like: "This my favorite time of day to fly. After a long, hard day of climbing up and down the hill, it's nice to get out your plane and just fly relaxed."
Ed "Fasteddie" Hipp and Phil keeping the dream alive.-90 views
Food Table.jpg
Food courtesy of Mike and Katie-154 viewsThis is the luxury that we've been blessed with at the BASH. Courtesy of Mike and Katie! This shot also shows the soaring world's infamous "Fatlion". If you've wondered what this elusive man looks like, I'm there for ya. Course you'll have to guess which guy he is in this shot. He's sorta shy.
Los Banos 36MPH.jpg
Great spring day at Los Banos.-170 viewsA great, booming spring day at Los Banos.
Hey, I made the cover! The BASH founder took this photo at a secret site titled the Elbow. We had to hike to this place. The original is shown here on the web as well.-115 views
Inverted Cub chased by a Mongo.-142 viewsWith the sun already below the horizon; Mike's Cub is cruising inverted. Alas, a Mongo is fast approaching. They tend to do that.
July 2004 BASH. Staggerwing buzzes the camera. Neat plane, gives the slope some class.-150 views
Tim & Bipe.jpg
July 2004, founding BASHer Tim Cone launching the Staggerwing into a 14mph wind (nice gams buddy).-182 views
Los Banos from the north facing slope.-132 viewsLos Banos from the north facing slope but looking a bit easterly.
Los Banos from the west slope.-134 viewsView from the west slope but looking slightly southerly.
Me Cutlass.JPG
Me with my Cutlass.-162 viewsself portrait :-)
BASH 3-03z.jpg
Mike at 3/03 BASH-133 viewsGorgeous, and typical, spring at Banos (happens every March they say). ;-)
Mike BASH 03-04.jpg
Mike at March 2004 BASH-156 viewsMarch is always the prettiest month at Banos. Combined with the 80 deg. temperature and the 12mph wind straight up the north west slope; it was almost perfect. Except that I wasn't there!
s Elbow 97a.jpg
My modified Foameron tearing it up at a secret slope titled Emily's Elbow. You have to hike to this one.-164 viewsThis isn't really BASH related. But the BASH Founder himself took this pic of me so I felt that was good enough. Taken in '97.
s Elbow 97b.jpg
My modified Foameron tearing it up at a secret slope titled Emily's Elbow. You have to hike to this one.-156 viewsThis isn't really BASH related. But the BASH Founder took this pic of me so I felt that was good enough. Taken in '97.
Roy with his DAW P51-152 viewsPrettiest P51 I've seen. It belongs to the elusive man who started the BASHes; call sign "Founder". The man can really build! But he does like anonymity. Ironic for a main who likes flying combat!
Scoop launches into great wind.-141 viewsScoop launches into a great NW wind. Picture taken by BASHer Rick.
BASH collage.jpg
Signature BASH Collage-188 viewsThis is *the* BASH collage. The photos are from me. But the infamous Randy "Fatlion" Carr built this collage!
Stagger in furball.jpg
Staggerwing in the furball. Adding some class, I must say. Lining up to hit Tim's Boomer.-222 viewsTim Cone's Boomer is rolling to the right attempting to roll around the Staggerwing. But the bipe is having none of that and rolling right along with him! Best pic I've seen of BASH flying!

Thanks Dave Reese for the photo, excellent!
TG3 on Final-127 viewsThis is Mike with his TG3 on final. The web shot is hard to appreciate. But, the original photo ranks as one of my favorite photos ever. The TG3 is obscurred by the clouds but is visible. It's 3 feet off the deck and about 15 feet to the left of the pilot (Mike). Man with some work (and talent) this photo could have been world class. What a sky!
The BASHers-174 viewsThese are most of the founding BASHers, including the Founder himself hiding behind the green Mongo
Jr. (he's shy), with a few absent. Most notably Rick and "Cap'n" Tim. Don't know who took the shot. Anybody know?
The original BASH shirt design.-133 viewsThis is the original BASH shirt design. It's only one color to save money. Turns out multicolor costs quite a bit more. Go figure. Created by Tom Beech in ~97. Great job Tom.
Tim Cone with the Vomit Komet-162 viewsTim holding the Vomit Komet. But, that's HIS name for it. Personally, I liked it. Note the "NiteOps" lites on the wings. We flew in the dead of night with these systems! Much to our wive's concern.
Tim, Myself, Charlie and Scoop-142 viewsTim gets knocked behind the ridge on great NW wind day. Though he'll claim he was DSing the back lip; which he has done before (he's kinda nuts). Picture taken by BASHer Rick.
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