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Biggest Buck of the year!-91 views
Biggest Buck of the year!-111 views
10-1-09 003.jpg
4 pointer poaching a squash.-93 views
17 action.jpg
My latest toy. A 17HMR. GONE! LOST IN THE Fire.-96 viewsARRG! My new one is better but I miss that bull barrel.
17 rifle.JPG
My latest toy. A 17HMR. GONE! Lost in fire.-100 viewsARRG! My new one is better but I miss that bull barrel.
17 shell.JPG
The ammunition for my latest toy shown next to a penny. It's a 17HMR. GONE! Lost in fire.-107 views
17 with 270.JPG
My latest toy a 17HMR with a 270 for comparison. GONE. Both lost in the fire.-93 views
3 pointer.JPG
3 pointer just outside my window.-106 views
3x3 2008.jpg
3 X 3 buck 10-30-08-92 views
Merlin-78 views
Merlin-81 views
A 4 pointer in velvet. Just strolin' through my neighbor's place.-110 views
4ptr in meadow.JPG
4ptr in meadow-65 views
4ptr on road side.JPG
4ptr on roadside-67 views
Horses waiting to eat the new grass.-88 views
500KV Staged Fault.JPG
500KV Staged Fault!-199 viewsThis is an intentionally staged fault on a 500KV line to test the protection system. This shot was taken in full DAYLIGHT! The iris had to close quite a bit due to the arc's brightness. Similar to a giant arc welder, this thing was bright. I bet it was astoundingly loud too.
Rio. Can't help it I'm a cat person.-79 views
8-30-11 0330hrs.JPG
BEAR 3:30AM 8-30-11-165 viewsWe have another Bear folks. This is B/W because it was at 3AM.
A 4 & a 3 pointer.jpg
A 4 and a 3 pointer-81 views
Autumdae-86 views
Aircraft Wake.JPG
Aircraft's "wake" over Lake Tahoe-160 viewsA comercial jet passes low over lake Tahoe. The pressure wave under the plane is clearly visible in the clouds behind. Also, slightly noticable is a swirl on the edges from the wing vortices.
We've got bears in the area. Thanks to Greg O. for the photo.-109 views
buck under tree 1.JPG
Buck just outside my office.-112 views
budding 4pointer2~0.JPG
A budding 4 pointer.-80 views
Lion photo taken 4 miles from my home.-114 views
Lion photo taken 4 miles from my home.-118 views
Lions photo taken 4 miles from my home.-97 views
Lion photo taken 4 miles from my home.-104 views
Replacement 17cal rifle. PHIL COME OVER. WE'LL TRY IT OUT!!-101 views
Colin with Jax.JPG
Colin and Jax exhausted after a fine meal.-74 views
Colt and Fawn.jpg
A fawn joins some horses. I stole the pic from somewhere on the net.-118 views
Crop Dusterz.JPG
Crop Duster's wing voticies-173 viewsCrop duster shows a wing vortice with the help of some colored smoke.
Mike, Uncle Tom and Bill Sr. (whom I'm resembling more each day)-108 views
2 bucks just over my fence-108 views
Fall 15.JPG
The fall of 2015 decends upon us.-74 views
Monica gets feisty.-83 views
Fire Sky.JPG
Fire Sky-153 viewsSunset turns a brilliant orange.
Teacher at an Indianna college pours liquid oxygen on some smoldering coals.-171 views
Teacher at an Indianna college pours MORE liquid oxygen on some smoldering coals.-149 viewsPicture was taken in broad daylight!
Hay delivery in the snow.-106 views
HV line in fire.jpg
High Voltage Line surrounded by forest fire notice the arcing happening-168 views
10/08 Deer are Everywhere-104 views
Winter decends upon us 2015.-119 views
Karen making a card-83 views
Karen feeding Monica-90 views
lightening desert.jpg
Desert Lightening-138 views
Best lightening shot I've seen.-136 views
Lonely Waterhole.JPG
A lonely waterhole in the high desert.-115 views
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