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Winter decends upon us 2015.-119 views
We've got bears in the area. Thanks to Greg O. for the photo.-109 views
Valley Panorama.JPG
Valley Panorama-145 viewsThe valley where I live taken 15 miles down the ridge from my place (to the left in the picture). It's a low tech panorama. (two pictures taped together)
Two sparring 4 pointers-103 views
Two sparring 4 pointers-110 views
two bucks.JPG
two bucks out my window-123 views
Tree just fell into my pasture. Lost ~75ft of fence in the process!-102 views
Top of the Tower.jpg
Top of the Golden Gate!-159 viewsYou need very, very SPECIAL permission to get here!!!
It's not easy!
Thompsen Peak~0.JPG
Thompsen Peak from my house-93 views
Fall 15.JPG
The fall of 2015 decends upon us.-74 views
17 shell.JPG
The ammunition for my latest toy shown next to a penny. It's a 17HMR. GONE! Lost in fire.-107 views
Teacher at an Indianna college pours MORE liquid oxygen on some smoldering coals.-149 viewsPicture was taken in broad daylight!
Teacher at an Indianna college pours liquid oxygen on some smoldering coals.-171 views
Taylor Lake 1.jpg
Taylor Lake-97 views
Susanville valley.JPG
Susanville Valley-104 views
Thompsen Peak Lookout2.jpg
Sun setting over Thompsen Peak lookout tower.-184 viewsThis isn't the top of the world naturally. But, I just can't help thinking it is when I look at this photo.
Rio. Can't help it I'm a cat person.-79 views
Rio 2.jpg
Rio plays with my pencil-83 views
Replacement 17cal rifle. PHIL COME OVER. WE'LL TRY IT OUT!!-101 views
Thomson Peak.JPG
Post Frontal Thomsen Peak-137 viewsTopographically the best slope in Lassen county. It's only 3 miles out my back door, as the crow flies, and rises to 7600' ASL. Taking the road though, it's 21mi. Sadly, the wind never works from this direction.
Pinky plans-145 viewsThe Pinky flying wing plans. This is one of my favorite planes of all time. (believe it or not) I've not been able to duplicate it's performance since, note my excessive use of significant digits. Though today's Boomerang is close and better in several ways. Plus, the Pinky was disturbingly fragile.
overhead small.jpg
Our Place from the air. Yes, it is a picture of a picture. Sorry.-161 views
Rio 103008.jpg
My office cat Rio-114 views
My office cat Rio-107 views
My newest cat Saushi-135 views
17 action.jpg
My latest toy. A 17HMR. GONE! LOST IN THE Fire.-96 viewsARRG! My new one is better but I miss that bull barrel.
17 rifle.JPG
My latest toy. A 17HMR. GONE! Lost in fire.-100 viewsARRG! My new one is better but I miss that bull barrel.
17 with 270.JPG
My latest toy a 17HMR with a 270 for comparison. GONE. Both lost in the fire.-93 views
My friend Fred's plane. A Rans S7 Courier.-108 views
Monica gets feisty.-83 views
Mom + Cubs.jpg
Momma bear with two cubs! Photo credit goes to Greg O. thanks!-118 views
Mike, Uncle Tom and Bill Sr. (whom I'm resembling more each day)-108 views
Merlin-78 views
Merlin-81 views
Me holding Pinky-157 viewsHere's my flying wing, "Pinky". Rough designed by either Charlie or Mickey (never got a straight answer). I loved this plane. Lots of fun and very capable. Not much better than today's Boomerang and only 5% as durable but a gas none the less! It's one of my favorites of all time.
Me Dad1.jpg
Me and Dad in a duck blind circa Dec 1992. See a resemblence?-109 views
Lions photo taken 4 miles from my home.-97 views
Lion photo taken 4 miles from my home.-104 views
Lion photo taken 4 miles from my home.-118 views
Lion photo taken 4 miles from my home.-114 views
Karen making a card-83 views
Karen feeding Monica-90 views
Horses waiting to eat the new grass.-88 views
HV line in fire.jpg
High Voltage Line surrounded by forest fire notice the arcing happening-168 views
Hay delivery in the snow.-106 views
Flourescent tubes stuck in the dirt glow from the ambient RF energy from transmission lines.-237 views
Fire Sky.JPG
Fire Sky-153 viewsSunset turns a brilliant orange.
Fantastic clouds on Mt. St. Helens-166 views
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